Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fybogel is my friend

Image source: Poor Man's Feast
I thought it was about time I started with the odd photo, but apologies to any pregnant ladies reading for whom a photo of some lovely thin, silky folds of salty, piggy Parma ham is currently an image of the devil.

It's been a couple of weeks since I last bothered blogging because I basically properly HAD IT with being pregnant.  If things went horribly wrong and I lost the funny little thing now, I can tell you what, my husband would have a pretty f*cking hard time convincing me to do it again.  There's been serious repulsion to odours, firstly to olive oil (olive oil?!) but since then mainly those involving cleaning products, so I've been able to wear any clothes I've washed in the last month and after my husband's beautified himself in the mornings I can't go near him for a good half an hour.  There's been repulsion to various foodstuffs - I've had to hide the box of ginger tea I bought when I first found out I was up the duff, having heard all things ginger kicked the 24-hour ass of morning sickness.  That's some beautiful irony for you right there.  In fact, on the whole I'm still not on very good terms with food: I rarely want to cook anything, but broadly speaking by the time the first mouthful's in it is quite welcome after all.  But milky things and fatty things are out, because they make me feel sick, and anything that's famed for its ability to generate even the tiniest puff of wind is also out because JESUS CHRIST am I toxic.  I am having brief addictions to things though, too - last week tinned tomatoes, dear god, I couldn't get enough of them; and this week I've mostly been existing on various combinations of gluten-free bread and lovely, lovely Parma ham.  And Fybogel, obviously.

Fybogel is my friend, my dearest, dearest friend, but it's become a friend I totally resent.  I had enough trouble with my bowels before pregnancy - a gluten-free diet = trouble getting enough fibre as it - but despite the vast amounts of water I'm drinking and the huge quantities of high-fibre bread and brown rice and gawd knows what else I'm stuffing in, my daily attempts at emptying myself remain an ongoing trauma, the details of which are far too intimate to reveal here.  Well, today they are.  I might be persuaded to share them tomorrow.


  1. Ohh dear - poor you. I really hope you do feel better soon. I was never actually sick when I was pregnant, but felt faintly queasy throughout most of my three pregnancies.

    Pregnancy, for me, got to be fun when the babies were bigger, and kicking, and I could sort-of interact with them from the outside - pushing back on a little foot or hand, or holding an icecube to my tummy so they could feel the change in temperature.

    Plus a big bump is a very useful shelf on which to balance a mug of coffee!

    1. Thank you Ellie! I hope I feel better soon too :) I haven't actually been sick at all, I feel a bit pathetic whinging on about nausea when there are some poor women chucking their guts up 24/7. I'm trying to get my head around the actual baby bit to be honest, am quite pleased that's quite a way off still as I remain a bit freaked out by the idea of there being another person inside me. You've sold me on the hot drink shelf though ;)


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